Funky segmentation faults!

written by stubb on 2014-08-08

Hey everyone, just a quick sign of life: Yes we are still here. Everything is moving slowly, but we are still alive. The following update is interesting only for very tech savy users that compile FIFE and Unknown Horizons themselves and do not use our prebuild packages.

Maybe some of you noticed a lot of fun segmentation faults running Unknown...

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Eye Candy!

written by UnknownScribe on 2014-03-13

Building Bliss

This month Kilian implemented the code for a new building in the Settler's tier, the weaponsmith, allowing the player to manufacture swords from iron and charcoal! This building will eventually become the prerequisite to arm your troops for battle. UnknownScribe created the neat new graphics for this building.

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Back on Track!

written by Nihathrael on 2014-02-19

Hey everyone, we are back with some news on the Unknown Horizons development. Development has slowed down a bit in the previous weeks, which is the reason for the quiet time.

Weekly Dev-Day

To get development speed going again, we have decided to have weekly development days every wednesday. This day is meant to bring everyone together and work on the project for a few hours...

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Animation and color overlays

written by Chris Oelmueller on 2013-06-14

Time for a short preview of some under-construction features developed with a not yet released version of our engine: FIFE added support for two techniques that allow changing how graphics are displayed dynamically, and we're testing both in Unknown Horizons.

Color overlays

This one means we are able to use your player colors more prominently in-game, for instance...

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Development update

written by stubb on 2013-06-09

as you probably already noticed, lots of things have happened regarding the hosting and administration of the different services we use. Luckily we had some time left to tweak some old code and create some exciting new features, improving the game experience.


ThePawnBreak spent his spare time creating a settings widget to dynamically set up your favorite hotkeys...

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More Weblate details

written by Chris Oelmueller on 2013-05-17


As promised, a more detailed blog about what's new with our recent Weblate migration, what changed and what didn't. First of all I'd like to address a question raised on IRC: Your user data was compatible because both Pootle and Weblate Read more

Weblate replaces Pootle for managing translations

written by Chris Oelmueller on 2013-05-06

Hey everyone,
few days ago we finally pulled the plug and decided to shut down pootle since apparently it didn't work for us and we invested way too much time compared to its benefits.

As luck would have it, we met Weblate, our new home of translations! Check it out! Weblate is a web platform...

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Spam in the forums

written by stubb on 2013-04-25

Hey everyone,
We're sorry to announce that we had to disable user registrations on our forums again. The reason is the huge amount of spam registrations every day. If you'd like a personal account, please ask for it on our IRC channel. Posting as an anonymous user is currently still possible.

The future goal is a forum where we can provide a login using your Github account, one...

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Pootle downtime

written by Nihathrael on 2013-04-22

Hey everyone,
just a quick shout to everyone working on the translations: As you may have noticed our translation server Pootle has been down all weekend. We are having some trouble getting it back to run, unfortunately. We'll try to get it back online as soon as possible.

If you would like to help out, e.g. by hosting and maintaining a Pootle installation for Unknown Horizons....

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Weekly Update: 2012.1 coming soon

written by Nihathrael on 2012-03-19

Hey everyone,
here's our weekly status update following our meeting.

Best part first:
We are heading towards our 2012.1 release in the coming weeks. Current target: "in about 2 weeks"™. More information will follow soon!

Now for the weekly updates: