Get involved

Thanks for your interest in our development and content department! Check out our "Getting started" article for general information on our project's development. If you are interested in contributing to Unknown Horizons, you should join our IRC irc:// and have a chat with the community or discord server

We've also assembled a list of open positions, i.e. areas to work on.

Reporting BugsReporting Bugs

To report bugs, either file a new issue at our bug tracker or post on our forums!

Making SuggestionsMaking Suggestions

Suggestions can be posted in our Discussion Forum or discussed with the community on Discord.

Updating GraphicsUpdating Graphics

We are always looking for new graphics! See the Information for Artists article in our wiki.

Improving TranslationsImproving Translations

Want to see Unknown Horizons in your language or improve the current translation? Check out our translation project at Weblate!

Hacking the CodeHacking the Code

Check our Programmers Guide and find out how to install from Git Windows Linux MacOS.