We are still alive

written by Developers on 2020-08-09

We have started with porting the game to Godot Engine. We have an new Project Leader for the Godot Version. And he is hard working to get the game playable again. We get too help from other developers. But progress is at the moment slow. I hope that we can release an playable version in 2021. Sorry that you guys must wait that long. But it will worth it :)

The Unknown Horizons Team

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Version 2019.1 released

written by Developers on 2019-01-12

We have released version 2019.1! This release brings a lot of bug fixes and improvements over the previous release.

The most visible changes will probably be the ambient objects and the minimap:

Release of Version 2017.1

written by Developers on 2017-02-01

Today we'd like to announce the release of the new version of Unknown Horizons! Much time went by since the last version and we are sorry for that. The new version 2017.1 offers many new things like: new graphics, new sounds, new buildings as well as bug fixes and new translations.

Unfortunately there is also bad new for the multiplayer mode as we don't know, if it works or...

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