Version 2019.1 released

written by LinuxDonald on 2019-01-12

We have released version 2019.1! This release brings a lot of bug fixes and improvements over the previous release.

The most visible changes will probably be the ambient objects and the minimap:

Internally a big change is that the code is now all in Python 3 instead of Python 2.

We have fixed many bugs with the gui and the graphics.


You can reach us in the IRC channel #unknown-horizons in freenode or, for those who speak German: #unknown-horizons-de We also have Discord. See

We are searching Devs for the Godot Engine. We want to switch to Godot because the fifengine and the gui lib fifechan are not really active in development. And have bugs. If you are interested on helping us to switch to Godot, join our Discord server.

The Unknown Horizons Team